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Kendall headshotKENDALL ADAMS is a photographic and commercial artist who has lived in the Greenwood area for more than 32 years. Photography became a lifelong hobby and avocation early on, starting with yearbooks, newspapers, model and sports photography. His artistic nature followed its natural course and he earned a BFA in Printmaking, Photography, and Graphic Design from Longwood University in Virginia. While always freelancing, Kendall has had several studios and small businesses with a core focus on commercial, industrial, and product photography, as well as portraiture. At present, he is Department Chair for Commercial Arts and Photography and is currently teaching at Piedmont Technical College’s Greenwood campus. He is a member of several photographic organizations including NPS, PPA, and the Photographic Society of America. Always looking for new photographic challenges, Kendall is intrigued by using light and form and its intricacies in defining compositions and telling a story through photography. The realistic and sometimes artistic rendition of any scene remains an ongoing challenge and a creative outlet that will never be exhausted. You can contact Kendall through email at Piedmont Technical College using the following address,, or by phone at 864-941-8474.

Ed B

ED BELINSKI, M.Ed., Cr. Photog., ABI, PPA Certified, GSD, began taking photographs in middle school, continuing through high school and using his skill to pay for college and graduate school. He has photographed studio portraits, professional sports, commercial and aerial assignments but always returns to his love of portrait and nature photography. He currently specializes in environmental portraiture, taking photographs of people and families in an environment where they feel comfortable. As a Photographic Craftsman degree holder (Cr. Photog.) and an Approved Business Instructor (ABI) with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), he presents workshops around the country to professional photographers in the area of business and marketing. Ed spends his time in Augusta teaching digital photography and Photoshop classes at Augusta University, The Morris Museum of Art, the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park, and the MACK in McCormick. He is currently the Lead Instructor and program developer of the Photography Certificate Program at Augusta University. Ed is a founding member of the Augusta Photography Festival, a biennual celebration of the photographic arts in Augusta that attracts national speakers and photographic competition entries worldwide. His latest endeavor is working with the Library of Congress Veterans History Project videotaping interviews with World War II veterans.

Waitr HeadshotADRION BELL has been a professional photographer in various capacities for 16 years. She currently works as full time food photographer for Waiter and owns The Studio on Maple, in Augusta, Georgia, a membership based co-working studio for photographers of all levels.




Brad BuddBRAD BUDD took an interest in photography at an early age and was the youngest student to be on his high school yearbook and newspaper staff as a photographer. Serving his country in the military for nearly 10 years after high school, Brad kept an ongoing interest in photography while on active duty. Upon exiting the armed services, he utilized his GI Bill to earn an AAS in Graphic Design from Augusta Technical College and an AAS in Photography from North Georgia Technical College. In 2015, he placed second in the nation at the SkillsUSA college post-secondary photography competition. Through hard work and networking, he was given the chance to photograph Panoz’s Esperante GTR-1 which debuted at the Dubai auto show where his photos of the car were internationally published across numerous countries. 


PAM COOK purchased her first digital SLR camera when she retired eight years ago and began her photographic journey.  She has taken classes and workshops, studied images, followed photographers on social media, and Googled a lot along the way.  She received her greatest blessing when she co-founded the "Chicks that Click Photography Club".  Her interest in backyard birds stems from her summer confinement on her family's peach farm.  She can step out on her deck and enjoy her birds and her coffee every morning where photographic opportunities abound. 


 KTJKEITH T. JONES has been looking to document the world around him since picking up his first camera at eight years old. Starting with newspaper, magazine, and documentary photography, he then expanded into landscape and nature photography. A winner of awards at national, state and local levels, he has also been teaching and leading field trips for over a decade. Keith is a former manager for Wolf Camera and now works for the Boy Scouts of America.



DSC 3125JOHN KIRKLAND works in the IT Industry and feels that today’s digital cameras are just mini-computers with almost unlimited potential and where that potential stops, software can push it even further. His photography started out as a necessity to capture memories of his three children. If you have every tried to get three small children to smile all at the same time, you can understand why John embraced the digital format. His hobby, which started some twenty years ago, has now turned into a passion and maybe even an obsession. While John thinks you can see beauty in anything and photograph a wide variety of subjects, he loves the outdoors and nature and tends to gravitate toward those subjects, especially if something is old, decayed or rusty. Two of John's favorites are old towns and churches. He hopes you see his photographs as more than captured light . . . "my intention is to inspire memories and emotions."

 LindaMcFarlandLINDA MCFARLAND has been a professional photographer for more than 45 years. The majority of her career evolved from her love of animals, especially horses. She has done magazine work for numerous horse magazines, book and calendar work, and even a shoot for Purina pet food. In later years, she became fasciated with tabletop photography, especially food and vintage items, which she is putting to practical use in her calendar work. Look for her photos this Christmas in the In the Kitchen calendar as well as Wild and Scenic Georgia and Arabian Horses.  


  paceselfportraitbwRANDY PACE is a professional photographer who has lived and worked in New York City, Miami, and Washington DC. He specializes in fine art portraiture and enjoys capturing the character of each person he encounters. His latest portraits capture the essence of the South, highlighting the impact that economic and social norms have had upon younger generations. Randy opened Randy Pace Photography Studio in 1999 and began teaching in 2012, after receiving his M.F.A. in Photography from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He currently teaches photography at Augusta University in Augusta, GA. Randy is a member of the Society of Photographic Education and has exhibited his work in venues across the United States.


 RonRON STARCHER has been an avid photographer since 1984 when he bought his first Pentax K1000 35mm film camera when he joined the US Air Force after college. He switched over to Canon 35mm film cameras in the 1990s and went digital with Canon in 2004. In 2012, Ron had an epiphany and converted completely over to Nikon digital cameras and lenses. He currently shoots with Nikon D800 and D7100 cameras. With his education and background in computers, Ron is very adept at post processing photos using a multitude of software packages, including Photoshop and Lightroom. He has used Photoshop since 2004 and is currently using Photoshop/Lightroom CC version. Ron considers himself to be a semi-pro photographer, shooting weddings and portraits upon request and selling a few photos. He has entered and won many photo contests including the Augusta Photo Festival in 2012. Recently, a Columbia County Magazine editor interviewed Ron about his photography and created a six-page article (including many great shots from Ron’s portfolio) which appeared in the March 2014 issue. Ron has been a Systems Analyst (manages laboratory computer systems) for Solvay since 1992 and lives with his wife and children in Evans GA.  Ron shares his photos on: 

HeadshotLARRY SMITH is originally from the Midwest and served in the U.S. Army from 1972 to 1994 with assignments to bases in the Far East and Europe. He purchased a Honeywell Pentax SP500 from a Post Exchange (PX) just after completing Basic Training and began learning how to make photographs. Most of the bases had darkroom facilities available where he developed film and printed black & white photographs. Since retirement and especially since the advent of digital photography, he has been able to devote much more time pursuing photography. Since 2005, Larry has explored wedding, portrait and school photography, but has concentrated on sports photography. He has photographed football at Burke County High School since 2010 and was fortunate to have shot their championship game at the Georgia Dome in 2011. He currently teaches photography in the Yearbook Class at BCHS and directs student efforts in documenting all aspects of student life there.

CaseyCASEY SZOCINSKI has been “chasing light” since his first camera, shooting helicopters taking off and landing on the USS Sanctuary off the coast of Vietnam. Like many, he then shifted to shooting family and friends with Pentax gear he inherited from his uncle, who was the family “photo bug.” Taking a friend up on an offer to shoot a wedding, he made a part-time job out of his passion. As he continued to grow as a photographer, he developed a unique view of nature and landscape photography that has taken him all over the United States, including a 3-month expedition that went “from one national park to the next.” Casey has been published in South Carolina Wildlife magazine as well as Camera in the Wild, the Carolinas' Nature Photographers annual magazine. He has received over 20 first place awards and numerous other awards in contests around the south and has had shows in South Carolina and Georgia. He makes his home in North Augusta SC with his wife Cleavie, where he is still “chasing the light.” 

Stacey Thompson HeadshotSTACEY THOMPSON currently serves as Registrar at the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, Georgia. She oversees collections management, rights management, preventive conservation and registration for the museum. She previously served for five years as executive director of The Museum and Railroad Historical Center in Greenwood, SC. Stacey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology from The College of Charleston, where she spent much of her time in the college darkroom. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology and Museum Studies from The George Washington University. Stacey has worked as a museum professional for the past ten years and is trained in American Association of Museums and National Archives and Records Administration preservation standards. She has worked in the exhibitions department at The American Museum of Natural History, the archives department at The National Archives and the digital imaging lab at the Smithsonian National Anthropological Archives. Stacey lives with her husband, photographer Randy Pace, and two sons in Augusta, Georgia.

WillWILL TULLIS has operated Tullis Photography in Augusta GA since 1969 after receiving his degree in photography from North Georgia Tech in Clarksville GA. His work experience, in addition to his own business, includes working with two of the largest studios in the Augusta area. While working with the Frank Christian Studio, he was one of the staff photographers, recording events such as the Masters Golf Tournament for several years. His work from this period appeared in many publications about the Masters. Will was a staff medical photographer at the VA Medical Center in Augusta from 1978 through 2009 and during this time has also operated his own business, Tullis Photography, specializing in the photography of models, beauty queens, and actors. His headshots are widely renowned to be some of the best in the south due to his proficiency with lighting and advanced photographic techniques for this clientele. Will is co-founder of the Destin Beach Photographic Workshop in Florida, an annual event since 1986, teaching advanced classes on glamour and beauty photography in the seashore and casual settings. Will continues his photography education by attending seminars and classes throughout the country on glamour photography and digital imaging, lighting, posing and computer enhancement. He has kept up with the latest in computer image processing with the newest digital imaging products on the market. He feels that his photo education is an ever-evolving process and that he is ever the student of new techniques and improved technology. Learn more about Will at

GeraldWoodsGERALD WOODS (Jerry) is a retired attorney and advanced amateur photographer who has been taking photos for 30 years. He has received instruction from such well known photographers as David Meunch, Tim Cooper, George DeWolfe, Jim Zuckerman and others.


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