Augusta Photo Festival Competition 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Augusta Photo Festival (APF) photo competition. The objective of the competition is to provide photographers of all skill levels an opportunity to showcase their photography talents and skills in a friendly and competitive environment. In support of this objective, we are changing things up just a little this year.

Groups and Categories

For 2016, we offer two groups for the adult competitors ... enthusiast and advanced. Of course, we'll also continue to offer the youth group. Past APF competition finalists and professional photographers must compete in the advanced group. All other adults may compete in either the enthusiast or advanced groups.

Each group also has its own categories.

Youth Group Enthusiast Group Advanced Group
Nature Nature Nature
People People People
Architecture Architecture Architecture
  Inanimate Objects Inanimate Objects
    Fine Art


Cash awards and ribbons in all 12 categories and a best of show prize make for a lively and visually interesting competition. Finalists will be further honored during the festival with an exhibition and awards reception at the Arts and Heritage Center in North Augusta.

Best of Show: $500
Category prizes for Advanced Group: 1st place - $200, 2nd place - $150, 3rd place - $100
Category prizes for Enthusiast Group: 1st place - $100, 2nd place - $75, 3rd place - $50
Category prizes for Youth Group: 1st place - $50, 2nd place - $25, 3rd place - $15


The Augusta Photo Festival's 5th Photo Competition begins Sunday, May 1, 2016. The competition closes on Sunday, July 31, 2016. All entries must be electronically uploaded to the APF website by midnight on July 31, 2016. No others will be accepted.

Entry Fees

Youth Group: First 6 images - $2.00 each, 7 or more images - $1.50 each
Enthusiast Group: First 8 images - $8.00 each, 9 or more images - $6.50 each
Advanced Group: First 10 images - $10.00 each, 11 or more images - $8.50 each

To ensure you fully understand the competition, and to make this an enjoyable event for all, please read the list of rules and guidelines thoroughly. You may find them here. And if you have any questions regarding the competition, you may contact us here.

Join in the competition ... enjoy, have fun, and best of wishes.

The APF Competition Committee

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