2014 Finalists and Winners

  • Congratulations to the ribbon winners and other finalists in the 2014 APF photo competition.

Best of Show: The Rookery by Carol Haff

Viewers Choice: Taking It In Stride by Amy Proctor


  • 1st Place                  Gerald Woods              Boats 830
  • 2nd Place                  Deborah Gamba          Faces in the Water
  • 3rd Place                   Bill Lutin                    Botanical Fractals
  • Honorable Mention     Patricia Wilmoth          Hello Dollies
  • Honorable Mention     Carrie Chiu                 Reverence and Light
  • Finalist                      Alan George               Devil's Door
  • Finalist                      Alan George               Sky King
  • Finalist                      Alan George               Swan Reflection
  • Finalist                      Gene Howard             Star Spangled Swirl
  • Finalist                      Bill Lutin                    Feather Knives

Altered Images

  • 1st Place                   Diane Theis              Lonesome Soul
  • 2nd Place                  Alan George             Witches - DragonCon Parade
  • 3rd Place                   Bill Lutin                  The Firebird
  • Honorable Mention     Pamela Cook            Weathering the Storm
  • Honorable Mention     Gene Howard           Something Blue
  • Finalist                      Pamela Cook            Feathered Friend
  • Finalist                      Alan George             Hi Ho
  • Finalist                      Bill Lutin                  Blue Truth
  • Finalist                      Cheryl Wynn            Timeless - Historic River Street, Savannah, Georgia
  • Finalist                      Victor Youngblood     Magical Mirror

Historic America

  • 1st Place                    Bun Lee                    Monument Night Sky
  • 2nd Place                   Alan George              Cannonade - Battle of Aiken
  • 3rd Place                    Coleen Cates             Starry Night at the old Home Place
  • Honorable Mention      Carrie Chiu                Vintage Post Office
  • Honorable Mention      Helene Taylor             Lincoln
  • Finalist                       Tommy Cates            Church Through the Family Tree
  • Finalist                       Alan George               Artillery Fire - Battle of Aiken
  • Finalist                       Tom Mills                   Forgotten Juke Joint
  • Finalist                       Diane Theis                The Wall
  • Finalist                       Victor Youngblood       Electra Blue


  • 1st Place                   Alan George               Rebel Shooter - Battle of Aiken
  • 2nd Place                  Andi Sinclair               Midnight Dancer
  • 3rd Place                   Ralph Gaines              Nadine Red Cape
  • Honorable Mention      Colleen Cates            Pensive Young Rebel
  • Honorable Mention      Rafael Otero              Wood Man
  • Finalist                       Payton Fisher            Fernando
  • Finalist                       Alan George              Fiddler - Battle of Aiken
  • Finalist                       Melony Stevens         Be Still
  • Finalist                       Diane Theis               Dandelion Wishes
  • Finalist                       Tera Williams            The Horse Whisperer


  • 1st Place                    Victor Youngblood       Tennessee Morning Walk
  • 2nd Place                   Bun Lee                     Galactic Residence
  • 3rd Place                    Tom Mills                   Foggy Lagoon
  • Honorable Mention      Pamela Cook              Edgefield County Sunset
  • Honorable Mention      Alan George               Savannah Rain
  • Finalist                       Mary Hembree            Savannah Rapids
  • Finalist                       Gene Howard             Grand Afternoon
  • Finalist                       Ruslan Rafikov           Last Light
  • Finalist                       Pat Riley                    Coffee Shop
  • Finalist                       Patricia Wilmoth         Misty River


  • 1st Place                    Diane Theis                Lynx
  • 2nd Place                   Victor Youngblood       Alfalfa, the Hummingbird
  • 3rd Place                    Ruslan Rafikov           Cypress Impression
  • Honorable Mention      Stanley Greenberg      At the Pond
  • Honorable Mention      Carol Haff                   The Rookery
  • Finalist                       Colleen Cates              Morning Nap
  • Finalist                       Pamela Cook               I Love My Mother
  • Finalist                       Herbert Fechter           Staying on the Diet
  • Finalist                       Gene Howard              Sunset Flight
  • Finalist                       Bill Lutin                     Preparing to Dive
  • Finalist                       Victor Youngblood       Daisy Chain

Youth Competition

The judges selected only three youth finalists in each of four categories and two in the fifth. There were no youth entries in the Altered Image category.


  • 1st Place     Kaitlyn Paige Cook      Sarlacc
  • 2nd Place    Kaitlyn Paige Cook      New Day
  • 3rd Place     Kaitlyn Paige Cook      Gears

Honorable Mention: Ruby McLaurin

Historic America

  • 1st Place      Kaitlyn Paige Cook     Father
  • 2nd Place     Kaitlyn Paige Cook     Founder


  • 1st Place      Dawson Smith          Feathered Friend
  • 2nd Place     Krystyna Bartocci     This Little Light
  • 3rd Place      Dawson Smith          Furry Friend

Honorable Mention: Samantha Atkinson, Chloe Belangia, Zanaiah Billups, Kaitlyn Paige Cook, Brittany Greene, Bethany Johnson, Taylor Lambert, Katie Leaptrott, Ruby McLaurin


  • 1st Place      Kaitlyn Paige Cook   Backroads
  • 2nd Place     Brittany Greene       Eye
  • 3rd Place      Kaitlyn Paige Cook   Cousins

Honorable Mention: Ruby McLaurin


  • 1st Place       Kaitlyn Paige Cook    New Beginnings
  • 2nd Place     Chloe Belangia          Above Paris
  • 3rd Place      Chloe Belangia          Austrian Sidewalk


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